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Audrey's Story 

Nourish Audrey.jpg

I'm a mum of 4 and am a volunteer at Nourish. I have been a volunteer since about the a week before Christmas 2018, as i wanted to do something that took up some of my spare time. I had been wanting to get in touch for a while (group/Lynne) as i use the same centre for my son's martial art class, so Mid Dec I finally got in touch with Lynne and asked if i can attend the group or help out at the group as i have a son who has Autism and wanted to get in touch for that reason. I decided to help out at the groups as i felt i could offer something plus gain an insight to others and their condition in order to help them. When I walked into the group on that Thursday morning, i wasn't sure what to expect.

I helped to set-up the room for the day's activities for the families of young children who have additional needs and helped set up the sensory room which i do twice a week along with the other volunteers.

I feel good about helping out and feel that i am giving something back to the community and the groups.

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