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Lynne's Story 

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Hi, my name is Lynne Scott, I live in Kirkcaldy with my husband Gavin and our 4 children, Adam, Leah, Lily and Amie. Adam was born with a chromosome deletion which has caused him to many health and development difficulties over the years.

Adams condition is life shortening and he requires a lot of medical care and support, but at the grand age of 19 he has astonished us all at how amazing he is.

Adam recently went through transition and left school and has entered the big bad adult world, we quickly seen there was a lack of support for people like Adam, and this is one of the inspirations behind our Happy Mondays group. 

Our daughter Lily has Autism and A.D.D and also faces daily challenges that affect her and us as a family.

Throughout the years myself and my family have faced many challenges, I  have been that parent sitting at home feeling lonely and isolated feeling I had no one to turn to who would understand what I was going through. My children have had their own battles to face too, either having a disability, or having a sibling with a disability, both bring challenges. 

I am a founding member of Nourish and have been running our groups since we began way back in 2011. I have taken on roles as chairperson, secretary, and now providing a management service to Nourish, I enjoy my role as much as I always have. I want to make sure other families know they have a safe, welcoming place to go to meet other families in similar circumstances, and who get it.

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