Our Aims

Our aim and long term goal is to provide a Family support centre for those affected by disability.  We want a welcome and safe space for people to come along and feel they can relax, unwind, and unload without feeling judged and with others who are facing similar difficulties and who simply get it.Nourish was founded in 2011 by 5 parents who felt there was a lack of support for families who had children with additonal support needs in the Kirkcaldy area. We all put £10 each in a kitty and used that £50 to purchase cups, saucers, tea & coffee. We hired a local community centre who also ran a toddlers group and let us borrow their toys. Over the years we have built up and now own our own huge collection of toys, games, and sensory and play equipment.

Contact Information:

General Enquires: info@nourishsupportcentre.com

Funding Enquires: lynne.scott@nourishsupportcentre.com

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