Hi my name is Lynne Scott, I am a founding member of Nourish and have been running our groups since we began way back in 2011.

I live in Kirkcaldy with my husband Gavin and our 4 children, Adam, Leah, Lily and Amie. Adam was born with a chromosome deletion which has caused him many health and development difficulties over the years.

Adams condition is life shortening and he requires a lot of medical care and support, but at the grand age of 18 he has astonished us all at how amazing he is.

Adam recently went through transition and left school and has entered the big bad adult world, we quickly seen there was a lack of support for people like Adam, and this is one of the inspirations behind our Happy Mondays group.

Our daughter Lily has Autism and A.D.D and also faces daily challenges that affect her and us as a family.

Lynne Scott

Nourish Chairperson

Meet our team

Nourish is a Huge part of mine and my families lives. I have been with the group since the beginning, I sit on the committee as treasurer and take an active role as support coordinator, volunteering 3 times a week within our groups and love every minute of it. I feel it gives me a purpose but is also something I feel am building on for my Daughter and her future support. I have also made such great friendships for life out off the group. My Daughter Kacy has Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and Epilepsy and there’s not much support out there so Nourish is ideal for her and she loves it. I totally am so proud off how far the group has come and how much help I feel we have done for the additional needs/disability community within our area.

Caroline Haig

Nourish Treasurer

I am Clare

I’m mum to Shaun who has Autism, ADHD and Learning Disability.  I first came for the support for our family and now I volunteer too.  I help at Happy Mondays with the adults and when required on a Wednesday at the Family Sessions.  I also help organise things for our events and am on the committee too.

Clare Ann Fisher


Hi I’m Bev I have 4 children aged between 15 and 23, my 22 year old son has ADHD and ODD and my 15 year old son has Down syndrome and Autism. I was one of the founding members of Nourish who helped set up the group when along with other parents realised there was a lack of support in the area for parents with children of additional support needs, as Nourish has grown I now volunteer at group sessions alongside a great group of volunteers. Nourish has been a huge part of my life and really is a family.

Beverly McLean


Hi, my name is Audrey and am a mum of 4 and am a volunteer at Nourish. I have been a volunteer since about the week before Xmas as i wanted to do something that took up some of my spare time. I had been wanting to get in touch for a while (group/Lynne) as i use the same centre for my son's martial art class, so Mid Dec I finally got in touch with Lynne and asked if i can attend the group or help out at the group as i have a son who has Autism and wanted to get in touch for that reason. I decided to help out at the groups as i felt i could offer something plus gain an insight to others and their condition in order to help them. When I walked into the group on that Thursday morning, i wasn't sure what to expect.

I helped to set-up the room for the day's activities for the families of young children who have additional needs and helped set up the sensory room which i do twice a week along with the other volunteers.

After a few short weeks, i now take charge of the Arts and Crafts table ie: card-making on a Monday as the service user's like this activity. I have gotten to know quite a few of these service users on a Mon along with their carer's since doing this. On a Wednesday, it is a bit more relaxed and only have a few of the children in along with their mum's and/or dad's. I also help to fill up the urns and do the dishes on the x2 days along with putting everything away.  I feel good about helping out and feel that i am giving something back to the community and the groups.

Audrey McCormack


Hi I’m Angela, I volunteer at Nourish to set up and help with young Adults and adults with a range of disabilities at Happy Mondays and I also help tidy away items away. I also set up the room on Wednesday morning for our family drop in and on Thursdays I set up and tidy everything way together with other volunteers. I also sit on the committee.

Angela Greenlaw

Volunteer & Committee Member

My name is Liza and I have 2 children, Deron who is 19 and Shelby who is 12. I have been coming to nourish for about 2 years now. I have received massive support from nourish who have supported me through turbulent times with Shelby. They have offered me advice, guidance and support. They are always available whenever I need them. 

Liza Young

Committee Member

I am Chantel Fox I am a mum of 2. I have 2 boys oliver who is 9 and Lee who is 3. They both have additional support needs oliver has a genetic disorder,Autism, ADHD and learning disability, Lee is just going through Diagnoses. I originally started coming to nourish about 3 years ago, I attended for support and from day one it was like being welcomed into a loving family, who just get your situation. Nourish plays a massive part in our lives now the boys attend family sessions and love every second. We have all made life long friends.

Chantel Fox

Committee Member

I am Dougie and am a father of a child with complex needs.  I am also a benefits adviser and welfare support worker with the Fife Young Families Money Advice Project.
I recently joined the Nourish Committee due to the increased demand and usage of the project. I find the group committed to community inclusion, and peer support for all.

Dougie Ovenstone



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