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Bursting with Pride

I don't know where to begin today, I feel so proud and emotional writing this blog.

Our busy weekend has been that, so busy I feel I could sleep for a week as do most of our volunteers and families, but especially our amazing children and young people!

A group of Nourish children, along with their families, took part in a sponsored walk on Saturday. Some of these children have a wide range of addtional support needs, and difficulties with mobility, but nothing stopped them and they walked all the way round Beveridge Park. Despite all the challenges they faced, what a great job they did walking all the way round. We finished the day with a teddy bears picnic, medals, juice, and fun with bubbles.

As if that wasn't enough to make us proud, today a group of children took part in a Mini Medic course. The children who attend Nourish all either have additional support needs, or have a sibling who does. Today some of the children who help at home to take care of a brother or sister with a disability, took part in training so they know what to do in an emergency. The course, delivered by Fife First Aid Training, taught the kids first aid techniques', including CPR and defibrillation. They were all fantastic and the feedback from their trainer Michael was brilliant.

Lynne x

Take a look at our Facebook page for more photos.



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