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My name is Michelle Dodds and I live in Kirkcaldy with my fiancé Stuart and little boy named Craig who has Down Syndrome.

I was going on a daily walk after recovering from a short stay in hospital when one of my neighbours (Lynne) approached me and started to tell me about Nourish which is a group that supports parents with special needs children.  I thought it would be just like all the other groups I have tried, but after the fourth or fifth time of cancelling, I plucked up the courage and went.  Everyone as so friendly and made me feel at ease.

Before Nourish I felt so isolated, but I now realise I don't have to be alone and there is always someone ready to help.  So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Nourish for their continued support.

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Michelle Dodds

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Liz Wiscombe

Hi, my name is Liz Wiscome.  I live in Kirkcaldy with my husband Billy and our six kids.  We have 5 girls - Ashley age 22, Gayner age20, Laura age 15, Zahra age 10 and my youngest Chloe who is aged 7.  then there is my only boy Corin age 11.

My son Corin was given his diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder, developmental delay and learning disabilities when he was 2.  His little sister Zahra was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder when she was 5 years old.  She also has Osgood Schlatter disease, low muscle tone and developmental co-ordination disorder.

I first heard about Nourish through a friend of mine Lynne whose son goes to the same school as mine.  She had invited me to come along to Nourish a few times but I kept putting it off.  Then one day I went.  I was really nervous but everyone there made me feel very welcome and in no time I felt like I had known everyone for years. 

Before Nourish I felt alone as I had no-one near me that understood what it was like to have not one but two special needs children.  I now feel like part of a big family as each parent that goes to Nourish knows how things can be hard and how isolating having a child with a disability can be.  Everyone at Nourish are willing to listen and give much needed support.  I no longer feel alone.

Hi I’m a mother of three children, my son has a rare chromosome condition. He has learning difficulties, after taking him to normal outings and environments where it was stressful and where people were judging us. After hearing about Nourish through the local community, we attended an open day where we met people in the same situation as ourselves.

We have now been members of Nourish for a couple of years now, it has been a tremendous help for our family. The group provides a safe play environment for our child with additional needs, where other people don’t judge, are there to support and actually understand some of the daily struggles we face. The whole family is always welcome.

I also sit on the committee which aim to develop new ways to support members and their families. As a family we have made new friendships and always look forward to groups and events.

Alana-Jane Sneddon

Along with my wife I attend Nourish. I work full time so attending the group during the week can be a struggle due to shifts, I look forward to the family events. I have been lucky enough to help out by designing creative ideas, logos etc. and look forward to the group going from strength to strength.

Mark Sneddon

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Mark and Alana Sneddon

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