We have an opportunity to create our new support centre, for families who have children with additional support needs in Fife. Please help us raise urgent funds and help make this a reality for families in Fife with additional support needs.

To make sure we can continue to afford the premises we need to raise the first years rent which is £15,000. We know it's a lot!

However after an interview with Pete from Pete's man chat movement. We have realised that all we need is enough people to donate £1. So together, with Pete, we are trying to get enough volunteers to stand at roundabouts with posters to raise awareness.

So what can you do to help? Anything!!!

Donate to our just giving.

Donate raffle prizes, art supplies, board games or even sensory toys.

Share our Facebook Posts!

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For families with additional support needs

Contact Information:

General Enquires: info@nourishsupportcentre.com

Funding Enquires: lynne.scott@nourishsupportcentre.com

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