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Mondays 10am - 12pm 
and 1pm - 3pm

happy mondays.jpg

Our Happy Monday’s group does it exactly as it says.  Adults with additional support needs come and join us every Monday for fun and friendship. A lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere with a range of activities to suit everyone. If arts and crafts is your thing we have plenty of that, we also have a wide range of jigsaw puzzles and board games, sensory activities, and of course our lovely sensory room.

We also have SOMA activities and these can be adapted to suit everyone taking part. Music is also enjoyed at our Happy Mondays with music and karaoke, and we can often be found finishing the afternoon off with a dance. We have regular drama sessions with Stacey who joins us the last Monday of each month, and occasionally we have other special guests too, sometimes the furry kind.

Happy Mondays costs £5per person (no charge for support staff).

Tea/coffee/snacks are available for sale to help us raise funds.

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